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Read on to discover how to drop the typical “link building” approach used by every other SEO company, and climb to the top of Google in your city!

Dear business owner,

You probably already have a sense that a spot on the first page of Google could revolutionize your business:

  • A page 1 ranking means customers see you first. Call you first. Get sold by you first.
  • BUT if you want to be in the top 10, or even the first position – you need to do something DIFFERENT to stand out!

This is a crucial point, one that you really need to take to heart.

And it also begs a different question…

Why does every other SEO company sell the same exact same SEO links?

Every one of them sells these:

  • Press releases
  • Article directory submissions
  • Link wheels
  • Guest posts
  • Social bookmarked
  • Blog comments

You can basically use this list as a checklist of what my competitor’s SEO sites will offer. Check them out if you haven’t already.

To be fair to them, it is worth pointing out…

This “standard SEO checklist” used to work. Back in 2005, your competition wasn’t using SEO at all. So if you did the above, you won. You were on page 1.

Well, I learned the hard way that in 2017 this is no longer the case. I tried it myself.

My name’s Alex Antoniazzi, and before I started doing SEO for local businesses, I did it for myself.

I ran a little dog training business several years ago. While my buddies were chugging beers in college, I was going up and down high income neighborhoods training people’s dogs.

Things went well and my dog training business was expanding. I was looking to build up online, because the local newspaper didn’t have nearly the reach the salesperson said it would. (This was 5 years ago. Things are even worse nowadays in the print world).

I also found out from my current customer base that the number one thing they liked about searching online for local businesses, is the trust they get from reviews, as well as from Google itself.

Did you catch that? A page 1 ranking is seen as an endorsement by Google. (Technically it’s not. But that’s what a lot of potential customers think.)

The Yellow Pages and newspaper doesn’t do that, by the way. Everyone knows those ads are paid for.

Now here’s the tough part — how do you actually get on page one of a search engine like Google, who looks for the BEST companies in a local area?

The answer I found for my own business was to test everything under the sun and stick with what worked.

I tested viral infographics.

I tried out BBB and Chamber of Commerce links.

I did the usual blog commenting and guest posting too.

And you know what I found?

On one test, one of my sneaky viral promotions moved my site onto page 1, while 300 blog comments did practically nothing.

That was the point when I realized you just can’t do what everyone else does. Not if you want a page 1 ranking. You have to outsmart the herd to get above them nowadays.

I tried more tests. I tried buying links from other businesses… adding videos to the site… and numerous other things…

And I kept getting results. I got so good that friends and family asked me to help them. Next thing I knew, I was helping business owners get on page 1.

Amazingly, I heard a common point of discontent from them. “That other SEO company charged me a small fortune and I have nothing to show for it!” I heard this a lot, so it’s a common point of concern.

Well I’ve never heard that about my service, probably because I started SEO as a means to help my own business!


97% of consumers look ONLINE for local goods and services.


75% of users NEVER scroll to page 2.


Local searches lead 50% of visitors to stores within ONE day.

Only the most dedicated search engine optimizers test every ranking strategy, and constantly roll new tests every month. That’s serious work that pays off. The rest just give you guest posts.

Why do so many SEO companies continue to offer the standard list of cookie cutter services?

Simply put, it’s all they know.

And by the time you realize your site isn’t on page 1, they’ve already milked you for 6-12 months of fees.

Split testing fresh tactics and strategies, on the other hand, is a lot more costly. But frankly, it’s the only way to really beat the competition long term.

Nowadays I have a war-chest of techniques that work very well on Google. It cost me thousands of man hours to get there.

But it’s worth it. I can reliably get clients in nearly any industry on page 1 in just a matter of weeks! That usually means tens of thousands in added top line revenue.

That’s why I claim to be the best. Because I have that dedication to keeping the SEO tests running in order to stay ahead and avoid cookie cutter SEO busywork.

Don’t take my word for anything I say about results. Instead, see it firsthand. Sign up now, and get me to rank your business for free!

In the SEO game, we price our service by “keywords.” For example, if you’re a dentist in Las Vegas, you might get ranked for “local Las Vegas dentist” and pick up 15 new customers per month.

Another big keyword like “top tooth whitening clinic in Las Vegas” could bring another 6 or 7. And the sales keep piling on with the increasing amount of search terms you get on page 1 for.

It works like this because Google is a search engine. People can type in different things to look for the same business type.

Depending on how many keywords and cities you decide to target, you could literally see your sales double, triple, or maybe even quadruple!

My free offer to you is simple and hard to say no to.

I’ll rank you on page 1 of Google, absolutely free.

You win because you get to experience my service without paying a dime up front.

And once you see proof that I can deliver on my promise, you’ll probably want to retain me for even more keywords which will increase your traffic and thus, SALES!

This is how I sell my service. By not selling at all, and just delivering results.

As I help build your brand online, results will come every 30 days straight to your inbox, month after month.

I’ll give you full details about how many impressions and clicks your keywords get, where they are currently ranking on Google, PLUS what devices your website is being viewed on (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Fees after the first free keyword.

Whether your business is small or large, I have an SEO package that will fit your budget.

Once you become a client, the first thing I’ll do is complete in depth keyword research to find the highest converting keywords for us to target.

After that (it generally only takes 24-48 hours) I’ll get to work ranking your keywords for your cities of choice.

For example, if you signed up for the professional package, I’d generate 200 keywords for you.

Since the professional package lets you target 5 cities, you’d multiply the 200 keywords by the 5 cities which means your website will come up on the first page of Google for 1,000 different search terms!

Here are the different SEO packages I offer:

per month
100 Keywords
Target 1 City
100 keywords x 1 city =
100 unique first page listings!
$4.97 per first page listing
You can upgrade to a higher tier anytime.
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Small Business
per month
150 Keywords
Target 3 Cities
150 keywords x 3 cities =
450 unique first page listings!
$2.27 per first page listing
You Save 55% per first page listing
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per month
200 Keywords
Target 5 Cities
200 keywords x 5 cities =
1000 unique first page listings!
$1.99 per first page listing
You Save 60% per first page listing
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per month
250 Keywords
Target 10 Cities
250 keywords x 10 cities =
2500 unique first page listings!
$1.19 per first page listing
You Save 76% per first page listing
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per month
300 Keywords
Target 20 Cities
250 keywords x 20 cities =
6000 unique first page listings!
$0.66 per first page listing
You Save 86% per first page listing
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How long does it take to see results?

Within 1 – 2 weeks your website will start ranking for keywords.

After that, figure 6 to 12 months to truly dominate and get to the top of page 1 while knocking the current status quo a peg or two below you.

You will be receiving traffic and new customers well before that timeframe.

The 6 month mark is just an estimate for when you will really start to see an large jump in sales and new customers.

PS: If you’re new to SEO, this will likely be a total game changer.

Google is where most people start their local research. This is the new Yellow Pages.

62% of buyers services start their search on Google. That means once it gets traction, the SEO I do for your site could easily become your primary traffic channel.

But to take part in my free keyword ranking offer, you must act now. I’m taking it down as soon as all my client seats are filled.

So fill out the form below to test drive my service, completely risk-free.

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