Want To Turn Complete Strangers Into Paying Customers Like Clockwork With A
Professional Website?

I’ll combine your business plan with your website so that it doesn’t just look AMAZING – it accomplishes your goals.

You Need A Website That Actually Has A Revenue Building Plan Behind It.

Most web designers aim only to create beautiful sites, even if it means losing a customer. That’s “designer’s ego” getting in the way.

As a business owner, you care about more customers and more sales. I respect that and aim to please, because I’m a marketer first, designer second.

Pretty websites are nice to look at. But you don’t need another wall painting.

You care about getting customers and adding to your bottom line profits.

I’m one of the few web designers that truly “gets it.”

I work with all types of businesses and entreuepenuers and understand your needs and budget requirements.

I’ve grown very efficient at serving you at a price almost any business can afford (especially considering the return on investment my sites tend to produce!)

My Website Development Process Is Completely Centered Around Your Goals – Be They:

● More leads to follow up with

● More autopilot sales from the website itself

● Or more customers in the door of your physical locations

Before writing a single line of website code, I take you through a comprehensive strategy session to create the game plan before building.

You shouldn’t hire a design company that skips this critical step, for the reason given below.

The plan behind the site itself is the key difference between building a presence that works for your business, and “having a website” that doesn’t actually do that much (90% of small business sites fit this later category).

Build A More Effective, Customer Generating Website Using My Three-Part “Action Response” Plan!

Money is made in how the customer behaves; the actual interaction. It’s well worth your time to nail this part of the equation. Here’s how I do it. By following these 3 steps, I’m able to consistently guarantee a winning online presence for the people I work with.

Part 1: Customer And Business Stratgy

A sale is made when customers needs meet businesses abilities, and that match is clearly stated and offered.

To get there, I need a crystal clear understanding of how your business provides value to the world.

I also need to have a deep concept of how your website – a digital extension of your business – can further help the customer meet his own needs.

After getting some basic information from you, I will complete a full analysis of your business and come up with a plan that we can implement to bring immediate growth.

Here are some example website strategies I employ, depending on the needs of the business:

The High-Value Lead Generation Strategy.

Provides leads for salespeople to follow up with. Insurance, financial, and real estate professionals often find this method to be highly effective. Contractors of all types also tend to prefer this plan.

Free Information To Build Your Authority And Brand.

This is great for business to business services, among others. It helps inform the customer, help them make a buying decision, and see you as an authority in your marketplace. These key factors are all linked together, by the way.

Small Ticket Sales Handled Entirely Via Website Automation.

I’ve built e-commerce websites that enable businesses to serve clients with products and services that they can purchase right from the website itself.

Use Of Online Maps & Navigational Aids To Guide The Customer Into Your Place Of Business.

For many businesses, the website is the welcome mat into a physical location. By recognizing this early, I can tailor a site to guide the customer to your place of business, moving them from researching to coming in.

Part 2: Brand And Website Design

Design requires merging strategy with artistry.

I take your business goals and bring them into the real world via beautiful, aesthetic designs that demand a sense of trust and respect.

Designs always match the intended brand image you desire within your market.

Participate as little or as much as you like in the process.

I have clients that prefer to stay close to me throughout. Other clients take care of their own day to day and expect that I’ll deliver high quality results, an expectation that I’m always happy to act on.

The choice in how close you want to be in our design process is entirely up to you.

Part 3: Ignition, Growth, And Scaling

By this point the site is built and you are getting some traffic naturally. Great. This next step is optional, but highly recommended.

So how can you move from getting new business passively — to pushing for it?

The answer is to get active online. You don’t have to do it because I’m glad to handle this phase for you.

Exposure building and advertisement opens up a variety of customer channels, many of which you may have never even heard of before.

Take search engines like Google and Yahoo. They are a dream for most businesses, as customers are actively searching for you. You can jump in front of the competition with search engine optimization (SEO) and a few other neat tricks.

Social media sites like Facebook are another big, potentially lucrative channel where much of your audience spends their day in between lunch breaks and at home.

Turning these strangers into paying customers is easier than you may think, and I’ll be happy to handle it for you.

Hi, I’m Alex Antoniazzi.

I’m a freelance website designer and digital marketer based out of San Mateo, California (but I’m thrilled to work with people from all over the globe as well).

I’m a one man operation which means every single phone call, text, or email goes straight to me and I respond back personally every single time.

Being a website assembly line who’s only goal is to pump out as many websites as possible in the shortest amount of time is not something that interests me and in fact, it’s what I strive to never become.

I purposely limit my self to working with only a select few clients at a time in order to guarantee that I can provide the highest quality of work possible and a high level of attention and support to each business.

Because I only take on a couple projects at a time, it allows me to complete each project almost 50% quicker than most large web design companies can.

My Areas Of Expertise Include:

Website Development

Email Marketing

Search Enginge Optimization

Social Media

Your Business Comes First!

And that’s why I don’t have set work hours.

When you own a business, you are in charge of it 24/7 and I understand that first hand owning multiple businesses my self.

Nothing is worse then your website going down at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, emailing your web developer only to get no response back until Monday morning with a message saying they will fix it in the next couple days.

If there is ever an issue, or even if you just want to discuss a new idea you have, PLEASE don’t be shy.

Call me, text me, email me, ANYTIME!

Need help at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night?

No problem, I’m always around and happy to provide support for your business as fast as I possibly can.

Pricing And 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I’ll give you one price, one time for your project and that’s it – you’ll never be asked to pay a single penny over the agreed upon investment, EVER!

After developing a crystal clear understanding about your needs, I’ll be happy to give you a free proposal for the investment it would take to bring your project to life.

If your only concern is to try to spend as little as possible on your website and marketing efforts, then we aren’t going to be a good fit to work together.

However, if you understand that higher quality investments lead to higher quality work and higher returns on your investment, then together we’ll create something amazing that brings you a sky high profits for years to come.

Every project includes unlimited revisions from you until the project is completed. Bottom line, you are going to get EXACTLY what you want, no matter what, with NO hidden fees.

Completed Work & Reviews

“Working with Alex on my website was an awesome experience. With very little input from me he created the most amazing website for my business.  His experience is evident and it’s obvious he stays on top of what’s happening in the design industry and how websites can help market a business. To find someone with Alex’s talent and his obvious passion for creating the best and most successful website was my good fortune. You will not be let down if you hire Alex.”

-Heather Skelly

“I contacted Alex wanted a redesign for my business website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He was very professional and replied quickly to any questions I might’ve had and explained how every thing worked in a way that was easy to understand. Would highly recommend.”

-Casey Lara

“I know nothing about website design, maintenance etc..Alex did an amazing job on mine! I sent him so many emails asking questions and he responded to each one with professional advise. The final product is wonderful. I have recommended him and will continue to do so every chance I get. If you need help, contact Alex, you will not be disappointed.”

-Martha Favillo

Why Are You My Best Option?

Because I’m a marketer at heart who understand the difference between a pretty website and an effective one.

Websites built by designers tend to be like wall paintings: visitors take a look and then move onto the next one.

They don’t ask for anything more, at least usually not effectively.

But when you have a designer with actual, battle-tested marketing skills building your site, the visitor path is much different.

They buy more. They fill out forms more often. They bookmark valuable sections of the site, because the messages relate, teach, or are share-worthy for other reasons.

That’s the difference between having a pretty site and a business-builder.

Why Do You Focus On Engaging Website Visitors?

A visitor by himself is not valuable unless he engages with your business in some way.

Don’t risk your hard-earned small business budget on a design firm that creates unengaging wall paintings.

Demand more. Demand an extension of your small business, just online. I’ll show you how to make your website work for you.

Get Your Free Strategy Session Right Now!

As a designer who actually understands how to make a website capture attention and convert it into fresh inquiries and sales, I’d like to offer to create a strategic blueprint, customized for your unique business, for free.

Topics I typically cover in the blueprint include:

As a designer who actually understands how to make a website capture attention and convert it into fresh inquiries and sales, I’d like to offer to create a strategic blueprint, customized for your unique business, for free.

Topics I typically cover in the blueprint include:

How To Design A Website That Builds Your Brand...

And makes you instantly appear as the respected, credible option – even if your business isn’t as old as competitors

How To Engage For Maximum Profit...

Should you aim to capture information from interested parties, or go for the sale itself?

Online Advertising Channels That Are Low-Cost, High Return On Investment...

These are your hidden profit centers online. I can help you find them and figure out which ones are best.

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Field...

In this (rather common) case, my ability to craft a standout message will play a huge role in how customers see you, and whether they prefer you over others.

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